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At Whittams we pride ourselves on our support and being there for you when you need us. Below are just a few of the frequently asked question we get asked. So, we though it may help you by providing some initial insight. If, however, what your looking for is not below or you have something specific that you need to know about your hire then please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Q. Do I need a special license to drive one of your motorhomes?

A. No, all you need is a full standard UK driving license and you must be over 21 years of age and have been driving for 2 years without accidents.

Q. Can I pop in to view one of your motorhomes?

A. We do not have facilities for drop in visits and our motorhomes are not stored on site, if you would like to view a motorhome prior to booking please contact us and we will arrange this for you.


Q. Can I collect on a Saturday or Sunday?

A. We prefer mid week as the weekends are our family time.

Q. Do you impose a mileage limit on your motorhomes?

A. We offer mileage up to 1,000 miles a week (this is classed as excessive mileage by our insurers). After that mileage is charged at 35p per mile to cover servicing costs, repairs and depreciation.


Q. Can we bring our dog with us?

A. Yes you can in some vehicles,  please let us know the number and the size of any dogs that you will be bringing when you are booking so that we can ensure that the motorhomes are suitable to accommodate them. We allow a maximum of 1 medium sized or 2 small sized breeds only. 


Q. Will I be shown how to use everything in the motorhome before we set off?

A. Of course, we give a detailed demonstration of how everything works via our digital handover videos. These must be watched prior to collection and driving your vehicle away.


Q. I would like to hire a motorhome for 3 or 4 nights, is this possible?

A. Yes you can, for short breaks we have a 3 night minimum hire during or Low and Mid seasons only. We try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs so for short or long breaks please contact us with your requirements and we will give you a bespoke quote.


Q. Is there a list of caravan and motorhome sites we can book?

A. If you look on our links page, as part of the Camping and Caravanning Club’s 'Motorhome Hire Scheme' you have access to over 110 participating campsites, at discounted rates, throughout the duration of your hire period’.


Q. How old are your vehicles?

A. All of our vehicles are replaced regularly and typically all will be less than 1 year old. All have private plates & fun names too!


Q. Can I rent a motorhome in winter/ for Christmas & or new year?

A. Yes we hire all year round but we do have a reduced fleet in our low season period. Our vehicles are all weather vehicles with central heating up to 30 degrees which is as hot as home.


Q. If I want to return the motorhome a day early can I get a refund?

A. Sadly no as the insurance and other costs still have to be paid along with our cleaning and valeting staff.


Q. I don’t have bills in my name at my address for the last 3 months is that a problem?

A. Unfortunately it is. Without these documents for proof of address and ID you can’t get insurance. Without the appropriate insurance you would be unable to rent a motorhome from us. The insurers offer no exceptions as all paperwork must be complete and up to date. If you have any issues in this regard or are unsure please contact us first.


Q. Is there a minimum hire period in the summer?

A.  Yes in high season it’s 7 days minimum hire, mid and low season we do a minimum of 3 and 4 day hires, we send out Motorhomes on Mondays and Fridays, you can hire Fri Sat Sun or Mon to Thurs.


Q. Is there a certain time I have to collect and return the motorhome?

A.  Yes – Our collection times are typically after 3:00pm. and up to 5:00pm. Earlier time can be arranged on request but can incur charges depending on the time required. Return times are between 9:30am. and 10:30am. Collection times can vary as we do our utmost to try and get you away as early as possible on your day of departure. We must stress that you return on time so that we can do the same for the next hirer where the vehicle is going back out the same day.


Q. Is there a TV in the motorhome?

A. Yes, flat screen digital TV units are fitted as standard.


Q. Are there kitchen utensils in the motorhome?

A. Yes, Crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils are included. As is washing up liquid. Dish cloth, tea towel, cleaning fluid & toilet roll to name a few.


Q. Is bedding and towels supplied in the motorhome?

A.  Bedding & towels are no longer available as standard or as an extra for UK based hirers. We now only rent linen to visitors from abroad who don’t carry linen with them.

Q. Can you locate us if we are lost or need help?

A.  Our motorhomes are fitted with tracking devices for peace of mind, If you get lost we can trace you to within 3 metres of where you are. This not only provides vehicle security but also enables breakdown services to locate you quickly in an emergency.

Q. Can I power my mains device in the motorhome

A. On all our motorhomes the 3 pin UK plugs only work when hooked up to an external mains power supply unless you use a generator. This does not stop the lights, fridge, heating, etc. or any 12v device working.


Q. Are there any speed restrictions for these motorhomes on UK highways?

A.  Our motorhomes are all within the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) limit of 3500kgs (3.5t). Referencing national speed limits as shown on the government's website - - for any motorhome over 3050kgs (3.05t) the following limits apply, unless there are signs showing otherwise...

- 30mph in built up areas

- 50mph on single carriageways

- 60mph on dual carriageways

- 70mph on motorways

Q. I have an EU / foreign licence and can't produce an online DVLA check?

A.  If unsure, you can check your eligibility to drive in Great Britain by using the UK Governments online tool by visiting

EU licence holders under 70 years of age, living in the UK longer than 12 months, who have secured a UK counterpart and meet all the standard criteria as laid out in our terms will be covered as standard.

If though you have an EU licence and have been living in the UK for less than 12 months but can supply 2 proofs from the insurers list of approved documents, plus providing your passport, then cover can be arranged.

Anything outside of this has to be referred to our insurers for review.

Q. I have points on my licence, does this affect my ability to get insured?

A.  It depends on the number of points and number of offences.

If you have a ban or disqualification showing this will need to be referred to the insurers.

If you have more than 9 points consisting of 3 minor 3 point offences this may need to be referred but typically results in an insurance excess loading of £500.00. This is additional to the standard applied insurance excess for the hire.

If you have a single 6 point offence (MS90, IN10, CU80, CD and SP offences) this will require referral to the insurers.

Having up to 2 minor 3 point offences or anything less than this, cover can be provided as standard.

Q. My licence has expired and/or has out of date information?

A.  You will need written confirmation from the DVLA confirming the adjustments have been made. This confirmation (usually via email) is required alongside the usual proofs of address plus the existing licence.

For any expired licences, you would need to refer to the most recent Government announcements regarding licence extension if relevant to your circumstances. Licences with a qualified extension are suitable for arranging insurance cover.

Q. I have a medical condition, will this affect my ability to get insurance?

A.  Our insurers do not discriminate against medical conditions. This is so long as the DVLA / doctor / GP have not imposed any restrictions, then you are covered as standard.

Q. What happens if I incur damage to the windscreen whilst the vehcile is in my care?

A.  The windscreen is covered by the insurance so the first port of call would be for us to contact our insurers for assessment. If the damage can be repaired, there may be a nominal charge applied which will be passed on for you to pay. This could vary but may be in the region of £25.00 to £50.00 depending on the charge by the windscreen repair company (Auto Windscreens). However, if the damage is severe enough to warrant a replacement windscreen then your liability is the specific excess applied for this claim which is £150.00.

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