Leading up to your hire we appreciate it can be a stressful time getting everything organised. With that in mind we want your experience to go a smoothly as possible when picking up your motorhome. Below is a reminder of key bits and bobs you need for the day of collection.

Insurers Guide for international drivers:

For any international hirer a copy of the original driving licence plus 2 proofs of address in their country of residency and a copy of the hirer’s passport is needed. Endorsements on the driving licence can be written on the hire agreement for review.

For any international hirer who is now resident in the UK for less than 12 months the international licence is still valid for which we need an original copy plus the 2 proofs of address for their UK residence as well as the passport copy.

For any international hirer who has been resident in the UK over 12 months you will have needed to apply for your UK licence and have passed the theory and practical examinations. Again 2 proofs of address are required. The UK driving licence photo card is sufficient for photo ID so no passport required.

For any international & UK based hirer whose occupation is in the military, the head line insurers (Markerstudy) will not provide cover. This is due to the nature of the frequent and sudden posting of personnel which can cause issues with insurance claims, irrespective of proof of residency at that time.


Please note: all proof of address documents must be dated within 90 days of the hire date


Driver criteria:

1. All drivers must have held a full licence for a minimum of 24 months

2. All drivers must be aged between 21-79

3. Drivers can have up to 2 endorsements on the licence (providing they are minor offences)

4. Drivers can have no more than one fault or non-fault claim within a 5 year period


Policy Excess Notice:

The policy excess to be covered bay the hirer in the event of any claim is as follows…

-          21 to 22 years old … Individual claim excess @ £1500

-          23 to 24 years old … Individual claim excess @ £1200

-          25 to 75 years old … Individual claim excess @ £1000

-          76 to 79 years old … Individual claim excess @ £1200


Please note: It is possible to acquire excess waiver policies. These are to be arranged privately by the hirer and details provided along with the completed hire agreement form.



The rental agreement form must be filled in, signed and sent back to Whittams Hire to review and arrange the insurance cover prior to the collection of the vehicle. This can be done by either posting the details and form to Whittams Hire or scanning the documents and emailing to On collection, the originals of the hire agreement, proofs of identity and driving licence must be provided for photocopying. Failure to produce these documents will result in the hire being unable to be arranged and any monies paid previously are non-refundable.

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