Please read below for helpful travel tips provided by our insurers. These are not meant to scare or put you off your travel plans but are simply precautionary tips of advice to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time away on your European adventure. Any queries on these we will be more than happy to discuss with you prior to your departure:

Safety travel tips for your European adventure:

Tip 1.

Only stop in well-lit areas.


Tip 2.

Only park in designated and secure areas where possible.


Tip 3.

Make sure all doors and windows are locked at all times.


Tip 4.

Remove vehicle keys from the ignition when not in use and keep on your person.


Tip 5.

Carry out periodic inspections under the vehicle in order to keep an eye out for stowaways, it is now a legal requirement to check for any stowaways when coming back to the UK.


Tip 6.

Try to avoid filling up at service stations within 30km of port to avoid any potential stowaways gaining access to the vehicle.


Tip 7.

Try not to be distracted by passers-by or obstacles that make you leave the van unattended as this distraction method has been used to steal vehicles.


Tip 8.

Avoid leaving the van open if outside in the event of a breakdown, puncture or alike.


Tip 9.

Stay only on a dedicated campsite and preferably not in a lay-by or motorway services due to occurrences of knock out gas being used through vents to incapacitate occupants.

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