COVID and cancellation of your hire – our support for your peace of mind and confidence in us

With current Government guidelines lifting all but essential restrictions, we understand that the worry of lock downs being reintroduced for public safety can be challenging for us all. In understanding that we have chosen to support our clients to the fullest of our capability.


Simply put we will ensure you have the option of a no quibbles full refund or the ability to transfer your booked dates at no extra cost. 


The type of restrictions to cause this will be lock down measures taken by the appropriate authorities that make it impossible to travel and/or pick up your pre-booked vehicle. 


This basically means the decision to cancel or transfer is ‘Forced’ and is beyond your control. We believe in operating a fair-trading policy and we don’t see why you should be penalised when the decision is taken away from you. 


In being fair and transparent with all our clients, both new and existing, we hope that we have your understanding and support for our business. 


In this we simply ask the following, during these uncertain times please be sure that… 

  • You are booking your hire with a full understanding of our terms 
  • That you have pre-booked your destination in advance and don’t leave it to chance to near to your collection date
  • That you are prepared to be flexible if circumstances mean your primary destination may be inaccessible i.e. if restrictions are only localised, there are other great places around the UK to visit that are safe and just as much fun to visit


With these points in mind and in the interest of fairness for our business, if you have booked and the there are no legislated restrictions that cause you to be unable to collect your vehicle then your hire has to be honoured. Therefore, any decision to cancel ‘by choice’ remains under the standard terms for cancellation. Whilst we do sympathise and understand that events like this can disrupt and affect your experience we are unable to financially support every hire where the destination chosen may be affected by these ongoing and ever changing measures adopted by the UK government.
The obvious issue arising from these best laid plans would be in the unfortunate event that you or a loved one exhibits symptoms and would have to self-isolate making it impossible to go away. In this scenario we ask that you ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover the cost of any default on your hire. We can’t recommend enough how important it is to have effective cover for those unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Whilst contraction of COVID is the last thing anyone wants it does not unfortunately mean the hire of the vehicle is unable to be facilitated and your liability remains.
We hope that our approach is acceptable and deemed to be fair on both sides. Our service relies on client satisfaction but also the ability to facilitate hire and be remunerated for services rendered. If we are repeatedly unable to do this due to a change of heart, we simply would not be able to operate and survive. In many ways your support for us is as vital as our support for you, the relationship is equally important both ways. In this spirit and as with our standard terms we do endeavour, should we be given enough notice, to try and re-hire your vehicle. If a hire can be rebooked, assuming the hire charge is the same, Whittams will not charge any monies for your cancellation. If the hire charge is different for any reason, then the shortfall would be the only liability to cover.
If you have any queries arising from this or wish to discuss anything further, we are more than happy to do so and will help in any way we can. 

Please note: If you choose to move your hire to a new more suitable date, this does not reset the cancellation timings. The timings that govern our cancellation policy will always be judged as from the time of the original booking and the original collection date.




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Now Inc. FOC as standard in your hire charge

Our motorhomes are professionally valeted prior to your collection. We endeavour to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness to provide you with extra peace of mind. As such we now sterilise inside the vehicle before your departure to maximise the cleanliness of our motorhomes at all times.

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