Leading up to your hire we appreciate it can be a stressful time getting everything organised. With that in mind we want your experience to go a smoothly as possible when picking up your motorhome. Below is a reminder of key bits and bobs you need for the day of collection.


You need to have watched the digital handover videos sent to you prior to collection day

- General handover video

- Supplement video (vehicle specific)

Failure to watch these videos will affect your collection as you will need to watch on site before departing

You must bring with you on collection day…
- Your original signed hire agreement
- Photo ID per driver 
- 2 proofs of address per driver (or 2 proofs per couple if joint names present on documentation)    

Please see below for specific requirements: 
We can only accept original documents. For online utilities / Bank & card services please print off the PDF statement ensuring the name and address appears clearly. Unfortunately photographs of documents are not accepted by our insurers.

Failure to bring your paperwork could delay your hire, and/or possibly in to the next day if the handover cannot be performed.

DVLA check codes need to be submitted prior to your collection date, no more than 21 days before collection as DVLA check codes are only valid for 21 days.

Please bring your original signed hire agreement with you, this will have been sent with your booking confirmation.

For photo ID:
- Current UK Full Photocard Driving Licence (cannot be used as proof of address)
- Current EU member state National ID Photocard and current driving licence

Please note: If you do not have a valid photocard drivers licence then you will need to bring your passport.

2 items are required from this list

Primary Proof of address:
- A credit card statement, dated within the last 3 months
- Bank, Building Society, Credit Union statement, dated within the last 3 months
- Council Tax bill (valid for the current financial year)

- TV Licence

- Polling card
- Mortgage statement

- Current Tenancy Agreement, from a local council or a recognised letting agency.
- Sky or cable TV bills, dated within the last 3 months.
- Telephone bill, dated within the last 3 months – we can’t accept mobile phone bills.
- Utility bill – gas, electricity or water, dated within the last 3 month.
- HMRC document (PAYE Coding Notice/Tax Notification/Self-Assessment/Statement of Account/NI contributions bill) issued in the last three months or valid for the current tax year – we can’t accept P45 or P60 forms- Mortgage statement from a recognised lender

- A notification letter from Benefits Agency/Local Authority confirming your right to benefits (Department for Works and

Pensions, Jobcentre Plus, Benefits Agency or Veterans Agency), dated within the last 12 months.

Secondary Proof of address:
- Student loan

- Shotgun licence

- Payslip

- Mobile phone bill

- Pension letter

- Car finance statement

- Loan statement

- Property deed

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