Terms and conditions







REFUELLING If you don’t have time to fill the fuel tank (as you recieved it) the tank will be filled at market value (reciept supplied) plus an admin charge this covers time driving to and from the garage and processing paperwork £25
CLEANING Failure to return the vehicle in a good clean condition (particularly the upholstery cooker oven & fridge you will be charged £35
TOILET You must empty and clean your toilet especially under the seat rinse & add provided fluid or the toilet cleaning fee will be payable! Only put cleaning fluid in the toilet cassette NOT in the toilet bowl itself £50
TOILET OVERFLOW If your toilet is overflowed with urine and faeces due to not emptying the toilet a total UNIT cleaning fee will be payable! £100
DOGS You MUST let us know if you intend taking your dog failure to inform of pet or pet taken in a no pet van this covers valeting to make the vehicle safe for customers with allergies £75
WATER TANK You MUST let us know if you have added diesel to the water tank by mistake rendering the vehicle off road and in need of a new tank to be fitted DO NOT START OR MOVE THE VEHICLE £500
SMOKING You MUST NOT smoke in the vehicle – if it is found the vehicle has been smoked in you will be charged a fee to cover valetting of the vehicle and upholstery £100
LATE RETURN Unless prior agreement You MUST let us know if you are going to be late returning as we need to arrange Emergency Insurance cover this is charged by the hour at £15
MILEAGE Insurance limit of 1000 miles per week UK EU mileage is 1000 per week and after that charged at 35p per mile 35p
FESTIVALS Our insurance is much higher for festival and special event use if you fail to inform us and we can verify you were at a festival/event without paying the fee then you will be charged a penalty and the festival fee on top = total £300