Van Winkle 2 berth

Van Frank 2 – 4 berth

Van Gogh 4 berth

Van Halen 2 – 6 berth

Important Information

 Accepted and not accepted breeds – Sorry :(

       We welcome well behaved small to medium dogs

       We cannot accept large breeds sadly as there simply isn’t enough room.

  • Pets are NOT allowed to sleep on beds seating or the front carpets in the drivers footwell
  • It is advisable to bring a pet bed or blanket with you for the floor 
  • We cannot accept on heat dogs
  • we cannot accept excessively hairy or moulting dogs at the time of travel
  • If bringing your dog you must inform us upon booking and kindly let us know the breed and size
  • Any damage done to the motorhome by your pet is not covered by insurance & you are liable for any damage caused
  • Please be aware if your dog is wet or smelly and shakes off water as they do in our motorhome we will charge a full valet fee
  • if unsure please call us to enquire

    We love dogs we have 2 of our own, when we travel they are in a safe travel crate which they also sleep in at night, the law states your dog must be crated or belted to travel in any motorvehicle.

    For the sake of everyone (and your deposit) please understand these motorhomes are very expensive vehicles, all we ask is that you take care of our motorhome as if it were your own whilst you are in it.

dog breeds accepted
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dog suitcase

Our Motorhomes are produced close to the city of Florence, in the picturesque region of Tuscany.


They are a perfect combination of German precision in construction and Italian passion in design for all travellers who appreciate a lot of space in their vehicle.

Our motorhomes do not only take you safe and sound from one destintation to another but also that they make your trip an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we put special emphasis on purchasing the most up to date luxury motorhomes whilst still being affordable to all. A modern interior and an extraordinary design that for the rental market is usually not available, here at whittams we put our profit back in to you OUR valued customer!


We have chosen the most luxurious motorhomes we could find searching the UK, France, Italy and Germany. Our motorhomes are efficient, comfortable all weather, easy to drive and operate motorhomes and of course they are brand new every year.


Features include

  • USB sockets in the sleeping and living areas
  • Flyscreens at all doors and windows
  • Flat screen tv/dvd players
  • Spacious with safety locks and non slip floors
  • Easy entry through low frame low entry construction
  • Powerful combi 6 heating systems
  • High quality memory matresses for an excellent nights sleep
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Powerful showers and electric flushing toilets