When you are arranging self-drive hire insurance cover through us, you will need to provide us with 3 items to prove your identity & address. Failure to bring these with you means our insurance company will not provide insurance.

These are to be photocopied or scanned in the office by Whittams and retained for 3 years from the end date of the hire. 

Acceptable evidence is shown in the tables on the right; you only need one item from table 1 and 2 items from table 2. We will only accept original documents, not printed off the internet or photocopies.



When making a booking a booking deposit is required to secure the booking the Customer/Hirer is entering into a contract with whittams Motorhome hire and agrees to abide by the hire terms and conditions as set out below. 

Deposits are as follows (holiday value up to £500 deposit of £200 is required upon booking.

Deposits are as follows (holiday value up to £1,000 deposit of £400 is required upon booking.


You can pay your booking deposit, balance and security deposits by Bank transfer, cheque, cash or card.  We do not accept paypal at this time.



Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the reserved motorhome is available. If due to circumstances beyond our control this is not possible, and an alternative suitable motorhome is not available, our liability is limited to the refunds of all monies paid by you. Some motorhome features may differ very slightly to those illustrated on the brochure / web site.

Should the last customer have damaged the motorhome to the point it is unable to be re rented then we will refund all monies, we offer no compensation for such and customers are advised to seek they’re own holiday insurance for such events.


Please telephone or email your date and vehicle choice to confirm availability, and advise us of any special requests or extras so we can have these ready for your arrival.

Your telephone or email booking will be held for 2 days. A deposit is required to secure your booking otherwise the dates could be booked by someone else.

Deposits are as follows (holiday value up to £500 deposit of £200 is required upon booking.

 (holiday value up to £1,000 deposit of 40% of the hire cost is required upon booking.


A booking confirmation email will be sent confirming the outstanding balance, this has to be paid 28 days prior to the start of your motorhome hire. 


Should the hirer cancel the booking without 28 days’ notice, you will lose the booking deposit paid.

However if re-hire is not possible due to late cancellation ( less than 28 days notice ) the hirer will be liable for 50% of the total hire charge. Hirers are advised to obtain their own holiday insurance to safeguard against such eventualities ie illness. We reserve the right to cancel the booking before commencement of hire if the named driver’s licences are invalid or do not comply with the requirements in the terms and conditions and or the hirer cannot supply proofs of address in such cases we do not refund deposits unless we can re hire the vehicle to someone else.


collection & returns

Vehicles are available for collection 

WEEKEND 3 nights – Collect from Fri 3.30pm – Return by Mon 10:30am

MIDWEEK 4 nights – Collect from Mon 3.30pm – Return by Friday 10.30am

FULL WEEK 7 nights – Collect from 3.30pm Friday or Monday – Return by 10.30am Friday or Monday

No refunds can be given for an early return of the vehicle. un agreed late returns are charged at £15 per hour to cover Emergency Insurance.

The hirer acknowledges collection of the vehicle in a clean state and the contents free from any defect or damage and complete other than as specified by the company on the inventory/damage declaration form. The hirer is advised to check the vehicle thoroughly before leaving the company’s premises. Upon return the company’s representative will check the vehicle for damage, cleanliness (particularly the cooker, oven, fridge and chemical toilet). Including the condition of the tyres & wheels, which are not included in the company’s insurance cover, any such damage is the hirer’s responsibility. 


damage deposit

A refundable damage/security deposit is required and is age dependent prices are;
ages 25-70  £350   ages 21-22 £750  ages 23-25 and 71-75  £500   ages 76-79 £750
The security deposit can be taken from a credit card which will be fully refunded within 48 hours assuming there are no damage costs to be applied. Please note that the security deposit is not a holding deposit and must be cleared funds before the hirer can take delivery of the vehicle (this is a requirement of our insurance company). The security deposit can be paid by card on the collection day, or by bank transfer on before your collection date, we also have a card machine on site for debit card payments. Under the terms of our insurance we cannot accept cash for the security deposit. Refunds will be processed by bank transfer, provided that the vehicle is returned complete and undamaged, clean and tidy on the inside, with a clean interior, cooker, fridge & toilet and no other excesses to be charged, the deposit will be refunded in full. Should the condition of the vehicle be otherwise; then repairs, replacements or cleaning cost will be initially charged against the deposit (see penalties below) On return of the vehicle it will be briefly inspected. A full inspection and inventory check will be carried out within 48 hours. Reasonable damage charges will be deducted from your Damage/Security Deposit. If the hirer is found to have damaged the vehicle by negligence, (i.e. no other person or vehicle is involved) the hirer will be responsible for full rectification costs which will initially be charged against the deposit. Front and rear bumpers, over cab mouldings, roof lights, windows, wing mirrors, external doors, dog chew damage, wrong fuel added, fuel added to the water tank rendering the vehicle off the road for weeks are typical components prone to damage by negligence, non of which are covered by insurance which means you the hirer are responsible for those costs or any other minor damage due to unusual use and or negligence up to 1,000. 



The motorhomes are expected to be taken care of, If these terms are breached penalties will be incurred, We like to be transparent in all our costs so here is a breakdown of penalties for failure to return the motorhome in the condition you received it (allowing for normal acceptable use) we adopt a fair usage policy. Please remember these motorhomes are a minimum of £50,000.00 to buy. We expect you to treat the motorhome as if you had just bought it. That includes keeping it clean.

Please pay particular attention to the toilet,oven,grill and fridge, failure to return the vehicle in the same condition you took it will result in £50 off your deposit. 90% of people bring them back clean however a couple recently have been filthy and this is unacceptable.

REFUELLING If you don’t have time to fill the fuel tank (as you recieved it) the tank will be filled at market value (reciept supplied) plus an admin charge this covers time driving to and from the garage and processing paperwork £25
CLEANING Failure to return the vehicle in a good clean condition (particularly the upholstery cooker oven & fridge you will be charged £35
TOILET You must empty and clean your toilet especially under the seat rinse & add provided fluid or the toilet cleaning fee will be payable! Only put cleaning fluid in the toilet cassette NOT in the toilet bowl itself £50
TOILET OVERFLOW If your toilet is overflowed with urine and faeces due to not emptying the toilet a total UNIT cleaning fee will be payable! £100
DOGS You MUST let us know if you intend taking your dog failure to inform of pet or pet taken in a no pet van this covers valeting to make the vehicle safe for customers with allergies £75
WATER TANK You MUST let us know if you have added diesel to the water tank by mistake rendering the vehicle off road and in need of a new tank to be fitted DO NOT START OR MOVE THE VEHICLE £500
SMOKING You MUST NOT smoke in the vehicle – if it is found the vehicle has been smoked in you will be charged a fee to cover valetting of the vehicle and upholstery £100
LATE RETURN Unless prior agreement You MUST let us know if you are going to be late returning as we need to arrange Emergency Insurance cover this is charged by the hour at £15
MILEAGE Insurance limit of 1000 miles per week UK EU mileage is 1000 per week and after that charged at 40p per mile / ie extra 500 miles £50 40p mile
FESTIVALS Our insurance is much higher for festival and special event use if you fail to inform us and we can verify you were at a festival/event without paying the fee then you will be charged a penalty £200

You will need to provide us with 1 item from table 1 and 2 items from table 2.


*Current UK Full Photocard Driving Licence and Convictions Verification Page from the DVLA .

*Current EU member state National ID Photocard and current driving licence.

*Current UK Full Photocard Driving Licence

*Current old style UK Driving Licence (no photo)


*A credit card statement, dated within the last 3 months

*Bank, Building Society, Credit Union statement, dated within the last 3 months

*Council Tax bill(valid for the current financial year) Current Tenancy Agreement, from a local council or a recognised letting agency.

*Sky or cable TV bills, dated within the last 3 months.

*Telephone bill, dated within the last 3 months – we can’t accept mobile phone bills.

*Utility bill – gas, electricity or water, dated within the last 3 months

*HMRC document (PAYE Coding Notice/Tax Notification/Self-Assessment/Statement of Account/NI contributions bill) issued in the last three months or valid for the current tax year – we can’t accept P45 or P60 forms Mortgage statement from a recognised lender.


*A notification letter from Benefits Agency/Local Authority confirming your right to benefits (Department for Works and Pensions, Jobcentre Plus, Benefits Agency or Veterans Agency), dated within the last 12 months.


Drivers must be over 21 and under 79 years of age, (there is an insurance loading for drivers over 70) and have held a full driving licence valid for the relevant vehicle for at least two years prior to the commencement of hire. Driver’s licence must be free of endorsements except for minor speeding or parking offences (drivers with more than 6 penalty points may be subject to an insurance loading).

all of our vehicles are able to be driven by anyone as the weight is under 3,500KGS. Please note: (As from 8 June 2015 the paper counterpart to the photo card driving licence will be abolished) Visitors from abroad must produce a valid endorsed domestic driving licence or international driving permit and their passport. Failure to present the correct documentation at the time of collection will result in cancellation of the vehicle hire and loss of any monies paid.



In the unlikely event of a breakdown a recognised recovery service are at the disposal of the hirer. The number is in your welcome pack. The hirer is authorised to spend up to £100.00 on repairs, this will be repaid on submission of a valid receipt only. For repairs costing more than £100.00 prior approval from whittams Motorhome Hire must be obtained. Please call the office on 07392 600 400 if you are unsure. All our vehicles are suitable for tarmac roads only, damage to the vehicle by travelling off road will be charged to the hirer. Taking a vehicle off road or on rough tracks can dislodge pumps pipes and even the boiler exhaust. tyres are NOT covered by our insurance roadside assistance. Call outs due to no fault of whittams will be charged in full by the call out company to the hirer.


smoking in our vehicles

Is against the law.

The use of electronic cigarettes, scented candles, josh sticks etc must not be used in the vehicle. Where possible any cooking involving strong odours that will linger should be avoided and the vehicle should be ventilated by opening widows. In the event that the vehicle is returned with any unpleasant odours, the cost for valeting will be taken from the deposit.


festival surcharge

There are a number of festivals, rallies and events throughout the year all incur extra Insurance costs due to the higher risk this cost is £20 per day. If you fail to inform us of this and it is proven you were at a festival or race track day, rally there will be a charge of £200.


fuel & gas

Fuel & Gas The level of the fuel gauge will be noted upon collection (usually full). The hirer is responsible for returning the vehicle with the fuel gauge at the same level. one gas cylinder is supplied. If further Gas is required, we supply at a cost of £28 per canister. 


insurance & excess

Fully comprehensive insurance for the use in the UK is included within the hire charge. EU travel insurance has a £200 supplement for the first week and £100 a week thereafter. insurance is only valid for the period of the hire, late returns constitute a traffic offence under the Road Traffic Act. Invalid insurance means the driver and main hirer become personally liable for any accident damage to the motorhome, third party property and third party personal injuries. Insurance cover is for the vehicle and equipment only and during your hire period ie if you say you will be back at 5pm then you are insured until 5pm. Personal possessions are not covered; hirers are advised to take out holiday insurance. Severe damage insurance excess is £1,000 no matter your age.
The Ts & Cs here are our Insurance companies terms and are non negotiable.  


seatbelts & the law

Take into consideration the number of passengers you will want to take with you. Seatbelt law for motorhomes is confusing. The driver and any front passengers must wear a seatbelt. Passengers in the rear must wear seatbelts if they are available, and should be in forward or rear facing seats. The safest and best advice is that all passengers should be belted, and sat in forward or rear facing seats.
All our motorhomes have the seatbelts to match the berths i.e. if the motorhome is a 4 berth then there is 4 seatbelts. Our vehicles sadly do not have isofix. rear facing seatbelts in some vehicles are lap belts only.



MILEAGE UK Insurance limit of 1000 miles per week and 35p thereafter per mile.
EU MILEAGE insurance limit of 1000 miles per week and 35p thereafter per mile.



There are a number of companies that will provide you cover for any excess of an insurance claim should you have an accident where you are at fault. We do not provide this cover ourselves as it is individual to each customer therefore you take this policy out as you would health travel insurance.

there are a number of companies doing this policy, here are a few links to get you started.



Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the reserved motorhome is available, you are advised to take out your own holiday insurances as you would if you were going on a flight.

If we have another suitable motorhome then this will be offered to you, some features may differ very slightly to those illustrated on the brochure / web site. If due to circumstances beyond our control a motorhome came back severely damaged and we cannot hire it out and an alternative suitable motorhome is not available or you do not want to go ahead with a different motorhome, our liability is limited to the refunds of all monies paid by you. 

we offer no compensation for such and customers are advised to seek they’re own holiday insurance for such events. We ourselves use the post office holiday insurance supplied by royal mail.